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InoTech3D, born in 1980, practically grew up along side hip hop...back in the day since about 5 years old,  it was MTV bringing the hip hop world to my living room until the internet blew up. I was born with an amazing GOD given artistic ability, I was always drawing and always writing...but music....music has always been my thing, my love, my passion!

"What music genres are the biggest influence on InoTech's style?"

InoTech ~ Hip Hop...Rap...Trap...most Electronic Music, as well as Rock, R&B, some Classical, Swing music,and Jazz, just to name a few!

"What was your first DAW, and what is your favorite DAW now?"

InoTech ~ My first DAW was "Acid" which I bought for about $150 @ Staples in the year 2000! LMAO! My favorite DAW at the moment is Logic Pro X! 2nd place goes to Akai MPC 1.9.6. - I have an AKAI Pro MPC Studio Black in my home studio.

"Have there been any defining moments in your life?"  

InoTech ~ I can remember it vividly, getting my first setup, 2 turntables a mixer and some vinyl @ age 12, ordered it from some place in NYC I found in the back of a magazine....it wasn't just getting the equipment that was defining, it was the whole process from when I found the kit in a magazine, it was the intense drive, the new found Grind, and discovery of a natural hustle that had been waiting for the right moment to show itself! I had no job, no saved money, and nobody in my family with money but I took a $100 gaming system with a few games and within a week had the $400 I needed for the kit!   

InoTech3D is one of the street masterminds at GWAPPBOYMUSIC along with FRESHBILLZ, who is one of the newest multi-talented artists straight from the streets. We are the movement!

As always, at GWAPPBOYMUSIC, they continue to be the company that brings the most up-to-date street inspired music so that their loyal fans will never be left wanting! These beats have been street-certified and hood-approved, it gets no better than this!

Controversial as this new rising talent's style may be, no one can argue the fact that his authenticity is uncompromising, as always, INOTECH3D will forever deliver perfect, pavement-crushing compositions again and again! My beats will immediately speak for themselves - and they are screaming out the best quality and bang for your buck.

InoTech's production will keep you ten steps ahead of what's bangin' in the streets. Remember to buy or lease your beats today! You wont be sorry, one of InoTech's beats will be your next hit song....so what are you waiting for????...go check out the beats!






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